Traveling and Studying in Paris

Traveling and Studying in Paris – “It Is Always a Good Idea”

Traveling and Studying in Paris

Traveling and Studying in Paris

This is the capital city of France. It is the most populous city in the country. Located near the Seine River, north of the country. The name ‘Paris’ was derived from some of its early dwellers: the Celtic tribe commonly known as the Parisii. The metropolitan region of the city is approximately 2,352 km2 (938 sq mi).

The name ‘Paris’ is said to originate from the city’s global reputation as a center of education. This makes the city attractive to international students who wish to travel for studies. The city is home to some of the world’s top learning institutions and research centers. The education system is also very modern and advanced.

Paris is one of the first European metropolises to adopt gas street lighting technology. This makes Paris one of the most developed cities in the Euro zone. The city has the largest business district among other metropolitan areas.

The city’s economy has been progressively shifting towards high-value-added products and service industries. This feature makes the city attractive to tourists. Paris and its environs is home to some of the world’s most amazing tourist structures and sites for example the Eiffel Tower.

During recent days, the tower is generally considered to be the integral piece of structural art. The Eiffel Tower is frequently featured in movies and written literature. As early as 1918 the tower had become a symbol or icon of both Paris and France.

Paris is the third most popular tourist destination city in the world. The city is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is a record. Its monuments and museums are among its highest valued attractions. The city’s top most tourist attraction was the ‘Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris’. The cathedral welcomed more than fourteen million visitors in 2012. The marvelous Louvre museum was visited by more than 9.8 million visitors the same year. It was the most visited museum on earth.

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