Miami on a Budget

When you think about a vacation in Miami you envision South Beach with loud music, bikinis, too much alcohol, and tourists packed onto a beach laughing and enjoying their college break. This type of vacation takes a lot of money and is not suitable for non-college vacationers. We have compiled a list of activities that are not on Collins Avenue or Ocean Drive that will help you save some money, have fun, and not regret your decisions when you go back home.

  1. Find lodging away from South Beach. Even a ten minute ride from South Beach can save you hundreds of dollars a night and be equally as accommodating as a Hotel on the water. You really could be just paying for the view. If you want to feel like you are staying at a luxurious hotel, many will allow you to pay under fifty dollars for a day pass that will give you access to the Jacuzzi, spa, and swimming pool.
  2. Downtown Miami, the old financial district, is a neighborhood called Brickell where a younger crowd lives and thrives.  Instead of dining in the restaurants on the beach with inflated prices, you can enjoy a meal in small house turned restaurant which is both relaxing and will save you money. There is an Art Deco vibe to the buildings, cafes, and small boutiques that will all make your stay here feel at home and refreshing.
  3. Night Life may be the area that you would like to splurge. A lot of bars are in the hotels and resorts or on their roofs. Whether it is the Townhouse Hotel basement lounge or the Perry South Beach Rooftop bar for a few drinks you will have a taste of that luxurious vacation before heading back in for the evening.

A Miami vacation can be a great get a way for a ladies retreat or just an escape from work for weekend. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on lodging, drinks, and lavish shopping. If you stick to some of these tips, and do a little research for your own fun places to visit you can visit Miami for under five hundred dollars and still have a wonderful experience.