Amazing Travel Advice Bottled by 30 Year Old Veteran Traveller & Lapped Up By Ordinary Folk Wanting to Escape the Pain & Uncertainty of First Time Travel Disasters…

2 (1)If you’ve ever wanted to travel anywhere on this magnificent globe getting the best travel & accommodation deals, safely navigating the lurid back alleys of travel insurance, & enjoying freaking awesome vacations so hassle-free even celebrities will want to know your secrets… then this may be the most important website you’ll read this year.

Hi, I’m Corey Carter, and I’ve been travelling for more than a decade. In the last couple of years I’ve stayed at more up-market resorts, breezed through airports all around the world with all the luggage I left with, paid virtually nothing for travel insurance, and visited some of the wildest places you could hope to go… without breaking the bank or so much as raising a sweat from unplanned ‘adventures’.

But it wasn’t always like that. Statistically, I was like most other first-time travellers setting out – green, ripped off, stranded, lost, deflated, and left counting my losses in more fleapits than I care to remember. And the scene has only got tougher.

In 2008 Associated Press’ annual survey of airline quality reported that the upper strata of the travel industry was in total disarray.

“Fares are up, late flights are up and more passengers are being bumped away from boarding gates,” it said. “All these problems are making travelers grumpy..

“The industry posted declines last year in every area of the Airline Quality Rating, amid rising fuel prices, safety problems and bankruptcy filings that shut down three carriers last week alone.


“The biggest change was in the rate of consumer complaints, up 60 percent overall.”

If that’s what the top dogs are reporting, imagine the disasters awaiting the unwary travellers who wander into the paths of  the downright dodgy backwaters!

But perhaps you’ve taken precautions. Relied on your trusty local travel agent to steer you right on destinations, the best travel insurance, the probabilities of making airport connections, the smartest accommodation deals, the most divine restaurants… I know I did.

And it didn’t work for me.  How about you? Truthfully… how much of the info you were  given was gathered first hand? Had the adviser been where you wanted to go? Rushed from one end of Rome Airport to the other through the 10 million – and growing! – hurdles that leap up in front of you as you desperately sprint for the connection that will cost you an arm and a leg if you miss it? Hardly! It couldn’t possibly work, when you think about it.

But in the beginning we all fall for it, don’t we? Because we don’t know any better. We trust to luck, cross our fingers and hope for the best. And there is so much to wrap your head around before you go, let alone when you’re on the road and away from all that’s familiar.

And that’s really why I’m writing to you today, because I’m finally in a position to break that vicious cycle.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s  one traveller helping another. It works. So this website is going to tap into the huge network of tried and true travellers I’ve met in the last 10 years, and together we’ll share some of the best travel advice we’ve picked up in our wanderings around this wonderful planet.

You can’t put a price on that. It’s the rails run. Win win. And as we meet on the road, I’d love to hear your stories, the tips you wish you could pass on to a greater audience so they, too, can stand on the shoulders of the giants in this wonderful world of travel.

Love travelling? Absolutely!

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